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Swing & Swim Pool Bed

You can decorate every area follow by your idea with our swing and swimming pool bed. It is very beautiful and good for relax after your daily life.

New Product

sb-316 SB-316
price 12,500 baht
W75 x L200 x H30 cm.
sw-316 SW-316
price 6,900 baht
W60 x L145 x H70 cm.

sb-05 SB-05
price 10,500 baht
W65 x L200 x H35 cm.
sb-07 SB-07
price 8,500 baht
W65 x L200 x H30 cm.
sb-08 SB-08
price 12,900 baht
W72 x L215 x H30 cm.
MSB-501 MSB-501
price 13,500 baht
W65 x L200 x H30 cm.
sw-08 SW-08
price 13,500 baht
W100 x L160 x H150 cm.
sw-11 SW-11
price 19,800 baht
W90 x L200 x H200 cm.