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Flower Box

It can decorate also in door and out door area. It performs the place more beautiful and natural.

s209 S-209
2,900 baht
D34 x W50 x H165 cm.
fb-209 FB-209
270 baht
W16 x L33 x H16 cm.
fb-094 FB-094
1,700 baht
D38 x W38 x H43 cm.
fb-095 FB-095
1,100 baht
D27 x W74 x H23 cm.
fb-095f11 FB-095F11
2,200 baht
W27 x L74 x H110 cm.
fb-489 FB-189
250 baht
W20 x L20 x H18 cm.
fb-229 FB-229
300 baht
W20 x L35 x H18 cm.