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Chair & Bench

We have various styles that can decorate every conner in your garden and home. Not only make the place more beautiful but also high value added.

New Product

bt-216 BT-216
price 5,600 baht
W40 x L145 x H45 cm.
bt-316 BT-316
price 5,500 baht
W60 x L120 x H70 cm.
sc-316 SC-316
price 3,900 baht
W60 x L60 x H70 cm.

bt-108 BT-108
price 7,000 baht
W58 x L 120 x H90 cm.
bt-110 BT-110
price 7,200 baht
W55 x L145 x H93 cm.
bt-203 BT-203
price 2,500 baht
W36 x L120 x H40 cm.
sc-101 SC-101
price 3,900 baht
W57 x L61 x H90 cm.
sc-102 SC-102
price 3,750 baht
W58 x L60 x H99 cm.
sc-107 SC-107
price 2,900 baht
W58 x L51 x H85 cm.
sc-110 SC-110
price 3,950 baht
W60 x L65 x H94 cm.
sc-202 SC-202
price 3,200 baht
W53 x L55 x H99 cm.
sc-208 SC-208
price 3,000 baht
W55 x L65 x H91 cm.
sc-222 SC-222
price 2,350 baht
W49 x L62 x H90 cm.
sc-301 SC-301
price 2,850 baht
W45 x L45 x H45 cm.
sc-302 SC-302
price 3,500 baht
W45 x L75 x H45 cm.
sc-305 SC-305
price 3,000 baht
W57 x L50 x H90 cm.
sc-306 SC-306
price 2,750 baht
W45 x L50 x H90 mm.
sc-309 SC-309
price 5,000 baht
W73 x L85 x H85 cm.
bt-302 BT-302
price 5,400 baht
W45 x L120 x H45 cm.
MSC-501 MSC-501
price 2,900 baht
W59 x L56 x H90 cm.